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Rules of the forum

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Rules of the forum

Post by DasDragon on Wed Apr 13, 2016 1:34 am

General Rules

   Don't question the rules.
   Have common sense.
   Respect the mods
   No trolling
   If someone uses your account to break the rules, using the "but it wasn't me" excuse won't work.
   Roleplaying or posing as someone you're not will get you banned, especially if your "persona" can be considered in any way offensive.


   Swearing or vulgar text is not something to be taken lightly, or too seriously. Don't be swearing too much.
   No racist comments towards anyone. We would like to keep this a safe place for everyone.
   You are NOT allowed to promote yourself by any means. With the exception if you do it in the Other Let's Players Forum
   No Uncensored pornographic content of any kind. This includes images, videos, links and everything else. With the exception of the Patreon Corner
  No Scat Imagery Under any circumstances
   No spamming.
   No flaming.
   No discussing who should be a mod or admin.
   No one-word posts.
   Speak English in the public areas of the forum
   Your signature should to be shorter than the post itself.
   Posing as a team member is a bannable offense.
   Your profiles need to be Safe for Work. No explicit avatars or text.
   No provoking content.
   No self pictures unless they are related to something different than showing your face as well.
   If you are the creator of the image you uploaded, provide proof.

   Do not add your birthdays in the calendar. They get added automatically.
   Do not use the calendar to advertise your YouTube/Twitch channel or anything like that.

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